All inclusive token launchpad on Harmony

Onepad is the first all inclusive IDO & NFT launchpad on harmony blockchain helping projects raise initial liquidity.

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Revolutionizing Token Launch on Harmony.


First all inclusive launchpad platform built on harmony blockchain.


Discover, collect and auction NFTs through onepad marketplace.


Allows any HRC20 token project to launch staking in a few clicks.

About Onepad

Onepad is one of the first decentralized token launchpad on harmony.

Onepad is revolutionizing the presale experience by empowering early stage crypto projects to raise initial project liquidity by distributing tokens to a bigger audience. With a low barrier to entry we can deliver maximum value to investors and project developers.

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Upcoming Projects

We are working to bring the best IDO & NFT projects on onepad.

OND stakers will get assured IDO allocation while earning an attractive APY.

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Its EVM compatible mainnet allows to run ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 1000 times lower fees.

Onepad is the first all inclusive decentralized IDO & NFT launchpad on harmony blockchain helping projects raise initial capital for their crypto projects.

Unlike other launchpads our fair token allocation model ensures a guranteed IDO allocation to all token stakers hence providing better oppurtunities.

Onepad ( OND ) is the utility come governance token of onepad platform. It allows OND stakers to participate in IDOs, Earn decent APR by staking and use OND to purchase NFTs.

As a token holder you have various means of benefiting such as earning staking rewards, getting IDO allocation and receive airdrops from partner projects.

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